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What is semi permanent makeup and who is it for?

Thanks for dropping in and I am guessing that if you are reading this post then you are at the very least curious about semi permanent makeup.

My first experience of semi permanent makeup also known as SPMU was back in 2007 and I had volunteered myself as a guinea pig at a ladies night. It was great! I had a free eyeliner treatment normally charged at a few hundred pounds. Now I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a breeze and I certainly did not lay back and drift off to a relaxing place like you would for other beauty treatments but I was really pleased with the results and have been interested in SPMU ever since.

So SPMU doesn't quite fall in to the category of "relax and unwind", you may have to breathe deeply and squeeze your toes occasionally but the results are totally worth it. In addition, the devices used these days are so advanced that treatments are delivered to the client in the best possible way, with many clients reporting only a mild discomfort with no pain at all. A topical anesthetic can be applied regularly throughout your treatment to ensure you are kept comfortable as well.

SPMU is also known as micropigmentation and is a method of tattooing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This creates a look of makeup that can last for 1 - 2 years. A top up or colour boost every 1 - 2 years is needed to keep your makeup looking fresh as the colour will eventually start to fade.

SPMU offers beautiful enhancements of your features in the same way as everyday makeup, but the beauty of SPMU is that it doesn't wash off, sweat off or wipe away! This makes SPMU a big hit for when you are on holiday, swimming, or working out at the gym. You can choose from a range of treatments to give you beautiful brows, gorgeous eyeliner or luscious lips! I personally would like all three!

So who is SPMU for? Well you won't be surprised to learn that SPMU is most demanding among women, however, it is growing in popularity with men too, There are many celebs choosing to enhance their beauty with SPMU, this bringing even more attention to the wonderful benefits SPMU has to offer.

Who can benefit from SPMU?

You have to be over 18 to have SPMU

People with disabilities including people who have suffered a stroke who can't apply makeup themselves

People who suffer with allergies to makeup

Busy women who do not have time to apply makeup

Women who spend a lot of time putting on their makeup everyday

Fitness enthusiasts, in particular swimmers so their makeup stays put

People going on holiday who do not want their makeup to sweat off in the heat or wash off in the pool

People who suffer with alopecia and do not have eyebrow hair or eyelashes

Women who have patchy or sparse eyebrow hair

Women who have over plucked their eyebrows

Men who want to enhance their features or who want the look of makeup

Women and men who want to look good, every minute, every hour, everyday!

Final thoughts!

I love anything that contributes to anyone feeling better about themselves be it cosmetic on the outside or spiritual on the inside.

Should you decide SPMU is for you be sure to go to a qualified SPMU artist/therapist. A good SPMU artist/therapist will offer a consultation and discuss your treatment and the look you are hoping for at length.

At "My Semi Permanent Makeup Artist" all clients are offered a free consultation and you can feel rest assured you are in good hands.

SPMU - Look and Feel Gorgeous - Every Minute - Every Hour - Every Day!

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